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    Alert! XYZ more auth's are needed for my adminship!



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    Alert! XYZ more auth's are needed for my adminship!

    Post  Serbian on Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:59 am

    Byond Name: Serbian

    Usual In-game name ( Can be your multiple most common names): Well, from time to time, i do like to randomize stuff (in fact, only once in a month or two, if even so...), although i do have my standard characters. Those would be Miles Kilo and Miodrag Rakic, even though i haven't used them in weeks. My latest one is JC Denton.
    Male or Female? (Just to avoid confusion): _Male

    Contributions (If any): Well, i was granted tempminship by Adam so the server won't be left alone with some 10-15 players if i recall correctly. I fully RPed a takeover of the "Central Command Update Base", by the Spider Clan (Ninja's), with their leader, Tom Jones, signing each message. I chose three (competent and trusted) players to be ninjas, who had the sole task of beheading everyone who didn't bow down to them and surrender. To balance things, i said (as the Ninja squad leader), that we need to follow Space Bushido and as such can only use melee weapons that are not energy-powered. The round went awesomely well, and i already had plans for the other one, where i gave the guys multiple choices to vote on : Cyborg Free-For-All on the Russian/Derelict Station, Aliens Vs assistants and a random person who gets a Ripley mech and an adequate name, monkey fever, OR Thunderdome Team Deathmatch. The majority voted for the utmost option, so i started setting it up, when i logged off Shocked i also tried to help as many people as i could (they acctualy adminhelped me Very Happy ). Besides that, i have good relations with just about every player and admin, and like to do creative crud around the station (exit shuttle "hall" wireart...)

    What timezone are you in, and what time of the day you are usually on?: UTC +01:00, and it's more or less always a gamble, and i can't guarantee that i will be online for hours and hours every day, but i guess you can say i am ussualy there from ~12:40-15:30, with probably a few breaks.Probably.

    How old are you?(Be Honest):18, and i consider my self pretty self-sufficent and non-biased when it comes to judgement of any kind. It's the Serbian way Smile . I also have a moustache.

    What do you think being an Administrator is about?:It's about being orange, generaly awesome, helping people, organizing fun events (or at least nightmarish crazy events that are a thrill while you're alive...), understanding the people who make mistakes and trying to help them, but above all, it's about socializing. For a server to work, it needs a host. For a server to be of any use, it needs players. For a server to be very good, it needs a slightly above normal amount of players. For a slightly above normal amount of players to be regulated, the server needs admins. For the admins to exist, players need to exist. It's all connected maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

    If someone griefed, how would you handle it?:I have been griffed a hundred and a bit more times, mostly because i AFK for random reasons, or because i simply don't pay attention, or don't care. Simply, i let it go for a while and see if the bud has changed a bit. If he did, no need for alarms, it was a one-time occurence, i mean we all griffed at some time in our SS13 careers...but if he is still being a (serious, but VERY serious) griefer, i seriously think admins need to intervene, at least to gather some evidence of his griefs for later one use. Even though personaly i must say that SS13 isn't a game with a persistent world, and as such, anything you do now will probably be gone in the next few hours. And i also always considered smaller griefing (damnit, we can RP it and call it pranking :/ ) IC problems, that can be easily solved on court.

    Admin Experience: I was chosen out of a 15-player round by Adam to be tempminned while he was away. I also have various experience on a two-digit number of Minecraft servers, as well as servers for an insane number of other, less known games.

    Why should you be an admin? Be very detailed in this: I will try and keep things as simple as possible here : i understand that the server already has an insane number of admins, but i believe i would be a good addition to them. I don't get pissed off easily, i am almost always in game ( i NEVER spectate, in fact, does anyone?) and i'm pretty cheered up. I can also be of good use in the case of a new DOS attack...because...i may have some...m.A.D. I-I 4 X 5K117z that could be useful. I'm not talking neccesarirly about attacking someone, but rather defending.

    Green or yellow? I won't lie, green has stuck on me since the earliest terminals i had the chance stuff with, and after my insane ManYears of playing Fallout 1 and 2, as well as Wasteland (made in 1988...), it became quite a soothing color, when in lighter shades.

    How long have you been playing (SS13)?: I can think of it as probably a year, maybe a few months more.

    Have you ever been banned from Apoc?: Absolutely not.

    Any additional information (things that will clear up any issue you have, or may help your application): Hey, it's me Gaben, what's not to like? Thanks, have fun, Episode 3! Sorry, couldn't resist. But with all seriousness, i know when to joke, and when not to. I also have a nack for making badass events, as well as dealing with people. I guess my knowledge of Serbian and thus the basis of most S. Slavic languages might help during a "SERBIA SWARM!!!", many of which i have witnessed on /tg/...

    Thanks for taking the time to review mah posty.

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    Re: Alert! XYZ more auth's are needed for my adminship!

    Post  Adamjordan27 on Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:08 am

    Sorry that it has took me a while to get to this application.
    But well known player~
    On often~
    Has been tempt~
    Over all good person~

    Got my vote bounce
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    Re: Alert! XYZ more auth's are needed for my adminship!

    Post  Corn With Sombrero on Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:23 am

    Serbian here, sorry for being insanely inactive on the forums, because i had some technical difficulties with my original account (typing a password that is missing the same letter, twice...), and i just didn't feel like going trough the recovery process. If you don't believe it's me, the mods can freely check my IP,and the rest of you guys can ask me any, but any question related to me. Anyways, thanks for the responses, i'll be sure to respond in the same manner.


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    Re: Alert! XYZ more auth's are needed for my adminship!

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