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    Binkow's Event Thread


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    Binkow's Event Thread

    Post  Binkow on Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:38 am

    My thread on possible events that have stuck in my mind:

    With the days passing on, the usual quiet atmosphere lingers on Space Station 13. Suddenly, alarms going off- CentComm reports bouncing from comm. pole to pole. Suddenly, an unidentified ship's cloaking systems disable. Doors open on it, and a large missile flashes out of it.

    The explosion wiped out engineering and its SMES in one blow.

    CentComm manages to send one last report, "Warning: Unidentified lifeforms boarding the sta-"
    These lifeforms aren't human, they are ALIUMS.

    Now, survivors must go through with three plans:
    1. Gather up weapons and attempt to exterminate the lifeforms
    2. Find a spare power cell, build a safe house, survive until lifeforms die out of hunger or other related causes.
    3. Freak the fuck out and die.

    I'll add when I feel like it.

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