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    Binkow's Rant/Suggestion Thread


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    Binkow's Rant/Suggestion Thread

    Post  Binkow on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:39 pm

    Okay, first of all, I believe RP should be enforced to a degree. People have said it is optional, however you can't play SS13 right without a little bit of it.

    Mini rant 1:

    First of all, when Heads disrespect the CAPTAIN out of nowhere, what the hell? I hope they know they've probably gotten to their position due to the liking of the captain. I understand to a degree if they're a traitor, however you don't go full blown out HATE and make it obvious as hell.

    My rule suggestion to fix such general idea:

    I think that there needs to be some sort of Heads whitelist perhaps. If not then, I believe that it should be against the rules as FAIL RP to do such a thing.

    Mini Rant 2

    Next, traitor. When you're a traitor, it DOES not mean kill everything in fucking sight. It means do your god damn objective, and if somebody gets in the way of it- then go free. Don't fucking kill everybody in sight. Now, this has happened to be by an admin (I won't list names). I was a traitor, objective was to steal the captain's jumpsuit. Alright, I thought this was going to be an easy mission. I was the Chef, so I go in the freezer where it's private. I get an EMAG and a cloaker and make my way toward bridge. Then the fucking mime uses stun gloves to touch me, and chokes my neck to knock me out real quick. I was trying to type the code phrase but, I got knocked out so fast. I only managed to say "St-t-t-o--o-o-p" and then I was out. He then drags me in the maintenance tunnel next door, and kills me. He then goes ahead and kills anybody that walks by. I mean what the fuck? I asked him in admin chat why he did this and he said he was a traitor- when I said I was too, he replied with "You should have said your code phrase." Jesus Christ! Traitor =/= Fucking Run out and kill as much people as you god damn can! It means do your objective, and leave little evidence IMO. I think it really makes the player's loose interest upon being randomly killed.

    How to fix such said problem

    Make a rule to where when you're traitor, it does NOT mean you can go around and kill everybody. Traitor =/= Psychopathic killer

    I'll post more rants in this thread as I get them.


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    Re: Binkow's Rant/Suggestion Thread

    Post  scorn7 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:20 pm

    in it's current state we have a station that has a nicely or perhaps more accurately Poorly suppressed killing urge allot of people WANT to kill other people but know we frown on it and only a few people are crazy or brave enough to do it Ala that crazy head of security whom i can't remember the name of who seemed to want to execute EVRYONE for obvious reasons i now do engineering roles or robotics just to DISTANCE myself both literally and operationally

    rom sec the head is usually blood thirsty, the warden if its not me will never be tending the armory or his/her desk, and the heads just waltz in and take things from the armory last time i played warden i had to place deploy able bariars ALL AROUND THE ARMORY DOORS TO KEEP THE HEADS OUT.

    the station is a nice little melting pot of hatred where we can't murder each other so instead we seethe, we seethe in anger wanting to kill so and so* for this or that**.

    and then you become a traitor.

    NOW this is more like it you think I AM A TRATOR NOW its not against RP for me to murder station members becuse that's all part of the JOB. and then you go and murder so and so for this or that but mostly becuse he or she pissed you off.

    see people will treat any excuse as a license to kill even I when presented with a spray bottle of acid by the detective one round as an assistant took down the botanist


    he was a traitor, what did he do? he ran into the arrival shuttle with a nettle and tried to kill me when i spawned.

    * normally a higher rank with a few exceptions***
    ** usually for taking things out of your workplace when you need them more then they do or they are not supposed to have them****
    *** the clown or the mime
    **** yellow gloves, lasers, energy guns, flash bangs, riot gear, RIG's/space suits the laundry list goes on and on there's alto of things on the station that people don't NEED or should not HAVE but will usually go out of there way to get. there is probably a formula it must go something like this : the less i need it to do my job the more i want it.

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