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    Post  IDWMno on Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:51 pm

    1.) Refrain from using ALL POWERS unless otherwise permitted or under a certain circumstance or is currently hosting admin event. DO NOT use your powers to gain a small advantage on the station, YOU ARE AN EQUAL PLAYER. You are not to even to spawn objects, no matter how tedious it would be to acquire the object.

    1A.) Admin powers are not for you to manhandle players. That goes without saying but sometimes we forget that we are there to protect the players and facilitate everyone's fun and not just our own. If we abuse players they will not want to play on our server anymore and we will be lonely. Please be respectful.

    2.) Banning is a FINAL RESORT. There are many alternatives to banning there is the warning system (USE THIS), there is stripping players of their gear, there is Gibing (which should rarely be used its kind of deuchey to gib the traitor but that is a later rule), ect ect. Also note, that in the case that you do have to ban please DO NOT USE PERMANENT BANS unless the person has no hope of being a productive player in our community.
    If it is there first offense, start off with a warning. (NEW WARNING SYSTEM TO BE IMPLEMENTED SOON)

    3.) Is killing bannable? It depends on the circumstances. Killing is an inevitable part of the game and things like bombs and guns, are meant to be used. I can forgive a creative kill but I hate tool boxers (which include air tanks and extinguishers). That does not mean ban someone if they do tool box but if they do it repeatedly take one of the aforementioned steps.

    4.) This server is intended as a haven. I sought out the source for ss13 because I was tired of hearing stories about being banned for silly reason from the major server. I am sure as a reader you have been banned from at least one server for being a traitor and killing your target that happens to be a admin. I do not want that to happen on my server. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure someone is not the traitor before you punish them for killing. Even if they are not the traitor I make a habit out of asking what their motivation was for beating someone to death with a toolbox. If they have no reason to reply to you do not ban someone for one kill if you can avoid it.

    5.) RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT!!! Everyone even if they are a jackass. Kill them with love. I don't care if its a player or a admin from another server and they are trash talking the server be polite. If they are being too disruptive simply mute the global ooc or mute them but don't be disrespectful.


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    Post  WatorWat on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:08 am

    good list but looks very similar to official LLA server wich had the right idea but boiled down to admins being overzealous on technicalities to remove players they didnt personally approve to and cause a small infection rather then a large gash (wich would be goon )

    edit : id also like to add that even tho you are an admin (any not server owner specfically ) I personally wont have any respect for you if you act like a child hideing behind a set of rules that are easily worked around and exploited in your favour you are the king we are the peasants you have a huge advantage in any situation (admins will always back eachother up , community within a community mentality ) if you want respect earn it threw fair just choices that reflect the situation on a indivdual basis not on past bias or how "passionate the injusitce" the adminhelper sends you seems to be

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    Post  CherryBomb123 on Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:52 pm

    >Also note, that in the case that you do have to ban please DO NOT USE PERMANENT BANS unless the person has no hope of being a productive player in our community.

    I hear Admins like to permanent ban, regardless. lol!

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