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    Post  WatorWat on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:33 am

    Bad grammar explination (,) different ideas brackets area minor details within ideas and periods are randomly inserterd to avoid total retardation more ideas later if anyone thinks any of this is intresting also the timed round someone else suggested in another thread should be added its is on dk2 right now and prevents stegnate dead rounds that kill the server population (auto unrecallable shuttle after timed ammount ) I assume admins coudl recall it if by some amazing chance there was intresting gameplay going on that inst just admins and a select few roleplaying but a majority of the server palying , keep in mind every choice shoudld be done in favour of the overall good not the select few.

    If you have a decent coder ??? all of these would be great additions. Zombies goons had them they were removed god knows why they are as fun or funner then aliens wich are fun on there own right here and there doesnt have to be the same but NEEDS to be re-added to the game at some point , Seen ideas passed around about this before and have thought about it myself but another opposeing ship comeing just outisde our station smaller more combat oriented smaller crew / better armed on there ship / small cannons on there ship that fire minature projectiles that act like a small bomb so there ship cant be ignored with specfic objectives on there ship to remove it /destroy it / get there captains ID set off a self destruct/ sabotage there engine / Hack there computers and send it off somewhere etc etc obviously all the crew on there ship has traitor objectives , another stolen goon idea but research being on a seperate smaller island type station adds alot of unique elements , A Free for all type mode with respawn on (this has to be changed somehow to prevent the huge metagriefing factor , spawn area in the same spot ) great for releaving the tension of extended over and over and possible grief / bans that might incur with that . This mode truely brings out the heart of ss13 in theory RP is possible but would most likely be ignored most the time but still the potential is there alot of stuff could be changed specfically for the mode to make it more enjoyable but still the core idea is simple ,

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