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    Apes Throw Poo Administrative Application


    Apes Throw Poo

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    Apes Throw Poo Administrative Application

    Post  Apes Throw Poo on Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:02 am

    Byond Name: Apes Throw Poo

    Usual In-game name ( Can be your multiple most common names): Dr. Mr. Ape

    Male or Female? (Just to avoid confusion): Male

    Contributions (If any):N/A

    What timezone are you in, and what time of the day you are usually on?: Est Standard... most of the day
    How old are you?(Be Honest): 20 y/o


    What do you think being an Administrator is about?: Ensuring the safety and satisfactory of all players.

    If someone griefed, how would you handle it?: Depends. I would most certainly investigate the situation and then proceed to take further actions if necessary.

    Admin Experience: Administrated effectively on the old LLA sever and did some hosting of my own when it shut down (while PD was hosting his).

    Why should you be an admin? Be very detailed in this:
    Because I know a great deal about the game. I also know how the system works, and what's fair from unfair. I always respond to admin PM's in the best way I can. In the event of a ban I always link the banned person to the forums so that he may appeal it. I also believe in making sure someone does the crime before they do the time, I will not punish unless I see fit. I communicate effectively with my colleagues (other admins) so we can decide on what to do in certain situations together.

    Green or yellow? Yellow

    How long have you been playing (SS13)?: About three years total (have had different accounts)

    Have you ever been banned from Apoc?: No.

    Any additional information (things that will clear up any issue you have, or may help your application): I never cause trouble and am a very reasonable man, I can also be on a pretty good deal, insuring that we usually have at least one admin.

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    Re: Apes Throw Poo Administrative Application

    Post  Adamjordan27 on Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:56 pm

    Saw in action, Done great with griefers handled situation very well

    Got my vote


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    Re: Apes Throw Poo Administrative Application

    Post  WatorWat on Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:41 pm


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    Re: Apes Throw Poo Administrative Application

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