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    CHIP's and You!



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    CHIP's and You!

    Post  Corn With Sombrero on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:37 am

    Ever wondered how the crew of the SS13 has a HUD with all of theyre items displayed on it, radio message visualisation, as well as an accurate description of every item? Well, down under is the anwser: (And yes, this is another blatant attempt of mine to add a bit of Syndicate to SS13...)

    New command under the objects tab > CHIP panel.

    -Can be used in a similair way to the PDA, at least as far as messaging other chipped people goes.

    -High-level personnel (the captain, the heads, as well as the syndicate) can interact with electronics from a distance with the CHIP, as it outlines them (shows they're sprite), even trough walls. The normal high-level personnel has a 3x3 range for this ability, and it cannot be used trough walls. On the other hand, the syndicate has a militarised (think HUDglasses)version of it, with practicaly unlimited range, for as long as you can see the machine.

    -At the start of a round, a player can choose in his preferences whether he will start chipped, or not. In both cases, he still gets a PDA.

    -CHIP's can be damaged by blunt force to the head, extracted by a surgeon, or even completely destroyed or severely damaged with an EMP or Ion storm. In the first case, chip damage would mean you seeing random items as something they are not (in example, you look at a beer can, and then get a garbled message after which your screen flashes and the beer appears as something else. Of course, this doesn't turn it into that item, but rather just makes it look like it, it still has the same name and description. The effect is temporary.), getting garbled messages, and in extreme cases, collapsing. Extraction should be fairly simple, all it should take is a new item for the Roboticist and Syndicate, called the "CHIP Extractor". For it to work, the subject must be in the same position as during borging or normal surgery. Of course, there is always a failure chance, and in this case, it means the chip pulling a piece of your brain with it! If EMP'd, it should behave much like getting brute-force damaged, only with a higher chance of getting completely destroyed. If Ion stormed, it should just make nonsense, just like the AI would.

    -Advantages of getting CHIP'd : Always ready to contact the crew, and because the CHIP is connected to your retina, Heads or the AI can basicly use it as a mobile camera. Remote use of electronic devices.

    -Disadvantages : A skillfull syndie or Cuban Pete can easily damage it, and unfortunately, the AI can see all you see. It can also be modified into a "Modded CHIP", which allows full control over the person to the AI. The said mod is demanding to make, and even harder to insert. The syndicate can also tamper with the chip, and from persuading personnel to join them, to causing hallucinations, it can all be done by them.

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